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The Lakehouse

The Lakehouse Cameron Highlands Hotel, a picturesque colonial-era retreat, radiates timeless elegance and is celebrated for its historical allure and exceptional hospitality.

Nestled within the verdant hills of the Cameron Highlands in Malaysia, the Lakehouse Cameron Highlands Hotel is a captivating retreat that transports guests to the idyllic charm of the English countryside. Stepping into this enchanting inn, one is immediately enveloped by an ambiance that feels a world away from the bustling streets of Malaysia, thanks to its captivating atmosphere and colonial-inspired architecture. The entire hotel exudes a rustic charm with its dark wood beams, ornate stonework, and antique furnishings. The reading lounge, furnished with plush armchairs and a curated collection of books, provided an ideal setting for relaxation, conversation, and cozying up by the fireplace. Board games were readily available, adding a touch of friendly competition to the atmosphere. Adjacent to the bar, a terrace offered afternoon tea, featuring the renowned Cameron scones. The Lakehouse's rich history adds to its allure. The Cameron Highlands were initially explored by British researcher Sir William Cameron in 1885, and the area was named in his honor. The Lakehouse opened its doors in 1970, and today, it remains a bastion of colonial charm atop the Cameron Highlands. The Lakehouse consists of two buildings: the main wing and the annex wing. While the main wing accommodates Deluxe rooms, Junior Suites, and Family Suites, the annex wing offers the Cameron Suite, Foster Suite, a deluxe room, a junior suite, and a spa. Modern comforts seamlessly blend with the historical structure, preserving its original character and charm. The rooms are the real highlight of this hotel: all are adorned with vintage treasures from a bygone era. The Lakehouse's restaurant, the sole dining outlet on the property, caters to guests with a variety of culinary offerings, including continental breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea with English scones, and sumptuous dinners. Service at the Lakehouse was characterized by its personal touch and unobtrusiveness. With only 19 rooms, the resort offered plenty of cozy spaces and ensured that guests felt cared for.
Cameron Highlands
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