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Malacca stands as a testament to an illustrious past that shaped it into Southeast Asia's leading trading port during the 16th century. Despite its unbelievable role, many visitors remain unaware of Malacca's spectacular maritime history. In its golden era, Malacca thrived as a bustling hub, rivaling trade giants like Venice and Cairo. Malacca is a living testament to a mixture of cultures and centuries-old traditions. Its UNESCO World Heritage status celebrates the city's diverse architectural wonders, from the iconic red buildings of Dutch Square to the ancient Portuguese fortress of A Famosa, each edifice a chapter in the city's storied past.

Explore the serene Malacca River on a leisurely cruise, where history comes alive as you glide past traditional houses and vibrant street art, offering a glimpse into the heart of the city's heritage. Immerse yourself in the rich Peranakan culture at the Baba & Nyonya Heritage Museum, a beautifully preserved mansion showcasing the opulent lifestyle and intricate traditions of the Peranakan community. From heritage museums to vibrant marketplaces, Malacca offers a multitude of experiences that capture the essence of this historic city. It's a place where history resonates in every cobblestone, where traditions thrive, and where each moment invites you to unravel the layers of its rich tapestry.

Dutch Square in Melaka in Malaysia
Malacca Oldtown


If you only have a few hours in Malacca, here are Malaya Travel's top picks while visiting the city


Historic with iconic red buildings reflecting the Dutch colonial past. Landmarks like Stadthuys and Christ Church reveal insights into Malacca's rich history.


Trishaw rides in Malacca take you through historic streets, revealing the city's charm. Explore quaint alleys, heritage sites, and vibrant culture on this leisurely journey through Malacca's captivating past.


Largest and oldest Chinese cemetery outside of China.


Malacca River Cruise: Explore history floating along. Quaint houses, street art, and tales of old Malacca adorn its banks. A serene journey through the heart of heritage, a must-experience!


Malay and Chinese influences blend in vibrant dishes. Tangy, spicy, and rich flavors make every bite a delightful cultural adventure.



Jonker Street is the bustling heart of Malacca's heritage. Street food, antiques, and vibrant culture thrive here. A lively gem for tourists and locals alike!


Icon of Malaysia's past. Standing strong, it's a testament to Portuguese influence. Explore these weathered walls that tell stories of an era long gone, a fascinating piece of the city's past waiting to be discovered.


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