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Eastern & Oriental Hotel

The Eastern & Oriental Hotel in Penang, a historic gem founded by the Sarkies Brothers in 1885, exudes colonial-era opulence with its grand architecture and luxurious accommodations.

The Eastern & Oriental Hotel in Penang is a venerable institution, exuding colonial charm and heritage. Its grand waterfront facade gazes towards the old colonial town, just a five-minute stroll from the charming Unesco Heritage Zone. Divided into two wings, the Heritage Wing, dating back to 1885, and the Victory Annexe, which blends colonial style with contemporary design, the hotel preserves its historical essence. While the E&O shines in many aspects, there are occasional signs of wear and tear, particularly in the Heritage Wing's corridors and furnishings. The hotel offers easy access to George Town's exploration, with the option of arranging city tours. Facilities include two pools, including an exquisite infinity pool, a Thai spa, cooking and yoga classes, and a gallery featuring the works of Ernest Zacharvic, the artist behind George Town's iconic street art. The hotel's staff, although warm and helpful, have room for improvement, as some areas like breakfast can be chaotic at times. Accommodations range from modern colonial-style suites in the Victory Annexe Wing to vintage guest rooms in the Heritage Wing. Dining at the E&O is a chance to immerse in colonial spirit, offering meticulously prepared Western dishes and a delightful afternoon tea. A stay at the Eastern and Oriental Hotel is a nostalgic journey into Penang's colonial past, offering stunning architecture, old-world charm, and exceptional service. It's a destination in itself, with waterfront pools and incredible Heritage Wing rooms, making it a must for anyone visiting Penang or traveling in Malaysia.
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