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The Edison

The Edison is a boutique luxury hotel in George Town, seamlessly blending heritage elegance with modern comfort in a meticulously restored 20th-century mansion.

The Edison George Town, Penang, is a meticulously restored colonial mansion nestled in the heart of historic George Town. Combining a rich fusion of history and modernity, it was recently honored with the 2023 Luxury Lifestyle Award for the Best Luxury Boutique Hotel in Penang, Malaysia. This charming hotel offers exceptional guest service, inviting guests to "Experience the Exceptional." The Edison beautifully balances progression with the preservation of traditions and multicultural influences. Situated in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of George Town, the hotel is surrounded by a tapestry of unique living communities and a gastronomical paradise, showcasing the best of Asia. Sustainability is at the core of The Edison's operations, with a commitment to global social and environmental issues through CSR programs. The meticulous restoration of the colonial mansion retains much of its original architecture, featuring a quirky yet elegant interior design that celebrates both old and new elements. The guestrooms are distinctive, with bathrooms placed opposite the entry door, reflecting the building's original layout. The design combines colonial aesthetics with contemporary chic, offering a comfortable and welcoming space. The Lounge, a versatile gathering spot, echoes the old-meets-new concept and offers a touch of nostalgia with self-service counters featuring childhood snacks. Beyond the hotel, The Edison is centrally located in George Town, making it an ideal base for exploring local attractions, including Chinese shophouses, museums, food courts, and colonial buildings. The Edison George Town, Penang, is a lovely boutique hotel that immerses guests in the island's rich heritage. It seamlessly blends history with modernity and is a unique gem in the heart of this UNESCO World Heritage Site.
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