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Discover the Best 5-day Itinerary for Exploring Kuala Lumpur

Updated: Jul 4

 Are you planning a trip to Kuala Lumpur and feeling overwhelmed by the multitude of attractions and experiences this vibrant city has to offer? Whether you're a first-time visitor or returning for another adventure, navigating the bustling streets of Malaysia's capital can be both exciting and daunting. But fear not! With the KL Extra Tour by Malaya Travel, you can embark on a captivating journey through Kuala Lumpur and beyond, curated to ensure an unforgettable experience.


Merdeka 118 tower in kuala lumpur, world's second-tallest tower
Did you know that Kuala Lumpur is home to the world's second-tallest tower? Standing at an impressive height of 678.9 meters, the Merdeka 118 Tower is a towering symbol of the city's ambition and innovation.

At our Malaysia Travel Agency, we understand that every traveler seeks a unique and enriching exploration of their destination. That's why we've crafted the KL Extra Tour, a 5-day itinerary designed to showcase the best of Kuala Lumpur's traditions, innovations, and culinary delights, while also venturing into the cultural richness of Malaysia. While exploring the city on your own is certainly feasible, opting for the assistance of a knowledgeable local guide and driver can elevate your experience to a whole new level. Not only will they navigate you through the city's bustling streets, but they'll also provide invaluable insights into its rich history, cultural heritage, and promising future, ensuring a more sophisticated and immersive journey.

Itinerary for Best Kuala Lumpur Tour

Day-by-Day Itinerary:


Day 1: Selamat Datang ke Kuala Lumpur!


  • Explore the architectural marvels and serene landscapes of Putrajaya, Malaysia's administrative center. Visit the grandeur of the Putra Mosque and enjoy a cruise on Putrajaya Lake.

  • Check into The RuMa Hotel & Residences, blending tradition with modernity.

  • Dive into Kuala Lumpur's vibrant street food scene with one of the many food tours in the city. The Chef's Tour offers a great way to visit Kampong Bahru and taste many local dishes in one night!

Day 2: Chinatown: Savor the Future, Relive the Past


  • Visit the iconic Petronas Twin Towers and enjoy panoramic views of the city

  • Explore Chinatown with visits to Petaling Street, Central Market, and Sri Maha Mariamman Temple.

  • Discover the colonial landmarks of Independence Square.

  • Conclude the day with a visit to KL City Gallery and a leisurely dinner.

  • Susie Wong is our favorite place to spend a night and enjoy some ahhhmazing cocktails.

Here is our recommended itinerary for an afternoon walking tour through Chinatown and Colonial Kuala Lumpur:

In the early afternoon, we recommend starting your Chinatown adventure with a fantastic quick lunch lunch at Choca Foodstore in the heart of this bustling neighborhood. After lunch, wander through enchanting alleyways of the newly restored Kwai Chai Hong, where historic stories come alive in a burst of colorful street art. These murals whisper tales of the city's cultural heritage and its everyday life. Traversing through the vibrant streets of Chinatown, you'll delve into the bygone era of the 19th-century Kuala Lumpur. Explore the iconic Petaling Street, which has named one of the best streets in the world and go shopping for handicrafts at he lively Central Market. If you are looking for a souvenir that is actually useful, check out the Tanamera store inside Central Market. This local parfumery sells organic cosmetics with distinct Asian fragnances from massage oils to virgin pressed coconuts.


Chinatown is not only home to Chinese settlers, it is home to a wealth of different races who chose Kuala Lumpur their home in the 19th century. Make sure you visit the captivating Sri Maha Mariamman Temple, a sacred site that stands as the oldest functioning Hindu temple in Malaysia. Witness its grand architecture and absorb the spiritual essence resonating from its historical legacy, which traces back to 1873. Continue your tour by strolling through Kasturi Walk, a "newly" transformed and covered Jalan Hang Kasturi. This charming pedestrian street hosts a delightful array of kiosks, offering a unique selection of cultural souvenirs and local finds, providing a glimpse into Malaysian traditions andcraftsmanship. As you cross the river, marvel KL’s oldest brick mosque, the Masjid Jamek which stands at the meeting point of the Klang and Gombak rivers, where Kuala Lumpur got its name, meaning 'muddy confluence.' This area is where early Chinese miners settled, making it the birthplace of the city. It's called the 'River of Life,' and at night, there's a beautifullights and smoke show above the river, adding to the area's charm and history.

Arriving at Independence Square, where the Sultan Abdul Samad Building commands attention, narrating the vibrant history of Colonial Malaysia. Historically revered as a national symbol until the Petronas Towers emerged, this architectural marvel holds its place as one of Malaysia's most treasured and frequently captured landmarks. This monumental square, the heart of Malaysia's history, not only showcases the grandeur of the Sultan Abdul Samad Building and the City Theatre but also hosts an array of colonial landmarks: from the Royal Selangor Club to the Textile Museum and the Old Post Office, these structures radiate historical charm, weaving the story of the nation's colonial legacy. Visit the KL City Gallery, a good museum featuring a vast 2000-square-foot interactive model that vividly portrays Kuala Lumpur's transformation through the ages. KL City Gallery has a great souvenir shop as well!

Day 3: Meet Lord Murugan


  • Journey to Batu Caves, home to Hindu temples and the iconic Lord Murugan statue.

  • Explore the art of pewter crafting at the Royal Selangor Visitor Center.

  • Enjoy a relaxing afternoon tailored to your preferences, why not get a foot reflexology massage in Bukit Bintang!

  • Indulge in a culinary fine-dining journey at Beta restaurant

Day 4: Time Travel in Malacca


  • Depart for a day trip to Malacca, a UNESCO World Heritage city rich in history and culture.

  • Explore Dutch Square, St. Paul's Hill, and Jonker Street.

  • Discover the colonial landmarks of Independence Square.

  • Savor Nyonya cuisine for lunch and embark on a colorful bicycle rickshaw ride through Chinatown.

  • Conclude the day with a boat ride along the Malacca River

Malacca, a city steeped in history, culture, and legends, invites you on a captivating day trip from Kuala Lumpur. Discover the rich heritage of this UNESCO World Heritage city, where colonial legacies, and multicultural influences come alive. Begin your day early, departing from Kuala Lumpur in the morning after your breakfast. Malacca, located just 90 miles south of the capital, is a city with a history dating back to the 15th century. En route, read about the legend of Parameswara, Malacca's founder. The tale tells of a prince who sought refuge near a mystical mousedeer under a tree,leading to the birth of the mighty Malacca Sultanate in 1400 AD. 

As you arrive in Malacca, your journey begins with a walking tour around Dutch Square with red-painted buildings reflecting Dutch colonial architecture. In this side of the Malacca River, you can find the city's most iconic landmarks, such as Stadhuys, St. Paul's Hill and the remnants of A Famosa fortress—a testament to the colonial past. As you leave the Dutch Square and its last remaining buildings (Christ Church, the Queen Victoria Coronation Fountain (British), and the Tan Beng Swee Clocktower (Chinese)) behind, you will continue your walk to St. Paul's Hill to explore St. Paul's Church, along with the statue and temporary burial site of St. Francis Xavier. You will finish your walking tour at Porta de Santiago, which stands as the sole remaining structure of the Portuguese fortress. 

After the tour enjoy your lunch at the charming local restaurant (We love Wild Coriander, however it opens at 3pm): savor Nyonya cuisine, a fusion of Chinese and Malay flavors. Later on, do not miss taking a trishaw ride in the historic Chinatown: ride along cobbled streets and explore heritage sites, temples, and mosques. Learn about the Portuguese, Dutch, and British influences that have shaped this multicultural city and made the largest port city in the East Indies in the Middle Ages. End your trishaw ride at the Cheng Hoon Teng Temple - the oldest functioning Chinese temple in Malaysia. After your ride,venture into the vibrant Jonker Street, Malacca's renowned shopping street. In your free time, dive into a bustling atmosphere filled with shops, antique stores, and boutiques. Explore this lively street, soak in its vibrant street art, and shopfor souvenirs. You can finish your Malacca adventure by enjoying a relaxing boat ride along the Malacca River: glide beneath picturesque bridges and witness historical buildings adorned with colorful murals. This 45-minute cruise provides a nice perspective on Malacca's past and present.

​Tip: if you have time, visit Bukit China cemetery. The cemetery covers 25 hectares making it one of the largest Chinese cemeteries outside of China. It has over 12,000 "unique" graves some of which date back to the Ming Dynasty in the early 1600s. Take one of paths up to the highest point for a good view of the city of Melaka. Bukit Cina has a long and fascinating history that dates back to the early days of Melaka's founding. According to legend, the hill was a gift from the local Malay ruler to a Chinese princess named Hang Li Poh, who was sent to marry the Sultan in the 15th century. Hang Li Poh and her entourage settled on the hill, and over time, it became a thriving Chinese community. A must-visit attraction in Bukit Cina is the Sam Po Kong Temple, also known as the Three Well Temple. The temple was built in the 18th century and is dedicated to the worship of the Chinese god of prosperity and wealth, Sam Po Kong. The temple is also famous for its three wells, which are said to have miraculous powers and are visited by locals and tourists alike.

Day 5: The Finale
  • Visit Kuala Lumpur Park, the National Monument, and the National Museum.

  • Enjoy panoramic views of the new Royal Palace and explore the National Mosque.

  • Indulge in a quick lunch in Bangsar and visit Thean Hou Temple.

  • Transfer to the airport for your departure, concluding your unforgettable Kuala Lumpur adventure.

Enjoy a half-day tour on your last day in the Malaysian capital. For this day, we recomend booking a driver or just catch a Grab! Start the day with a visit to the tranquil KL Park and the surrounding area. Here, amidst lush greenery, you'll encounter the solemn grandeur of the National Monument, paying homage to the country's history and heroes. As you wander through the park, the next stop is the National Museum, a treasure trove of Malaysia's rich cultural heritage. You should also visit a lookout point offering panoramic views of the new Royal Palace, the residence of the Malaysian king. Your journey through KL's cultural tapestry culminates with a visit to the National Mosque, an architectural marvel where modernity meets tradition. Here, amidst the serene ambiance, you'll immerse yourself in the spiritual aura and marvel at the intricate beauty of Islamic architecture. If you are looking to see some less touristy part of the town, stop for a quick lunch in Bangsar. You cannot leave Kuala Lumpur without trying one of the best Banana Leaf Rice in the city, a locally popular dish. Sri Nirwana Maju serves one of the best lunches ever! Do not worry about the queue! The base of the dish will be served instantly and you can order your protein additionally (chicken and squid are to die for!) When you have time, explore the Thean Hou Temple in Kuala Lumpur before heading back to your hotel.

Malaysia Tours by Malaya Travel Agency

Top Hotel Recommendation: The RuMa Hotel & Residences

For the ultimate luxury experience in Kuala Lumpur, Malaya Travel's top pick is The RuMa Hotel & Residences. Situated just moments away from the city's central business district and the iconic Petronas Towers, The RuMa Hotel effortlessly blends Malaysia's mining heritage with modern city living. Each room is adorned with traditional Malaysian aesthetics, offering a warm and homely atmosphere amidst contemporary design. Indulge in chic dining experiences at Atas restaurant, relax by the cantilevered infinity pool, and pamper yourself at the elegant Ur spa. With its perfect fusion of past and present, The RuMa Hotel & Residences ensures an unforgettable stay in Kuala Lumpur.


If you're looking for the best itinerary for exploring Kuala Lumpur and beyond, look no further than the KL Extra Tour by Malaya Travel. With our expert guides, luxurious accommodations, and curated experiences, you'll embark on a journey that transcends ordinary tourism, immersing yourself in the vibrant culture and rich heritage of Malaysia. For more information and booking, visit:


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