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Explore Malaysia's Culinary Delights: A Guide to 73 Must-Try Local Dishes

Welcome to the flavorful world of Malaysian cuisine! At Malaya Travel, we've curated a list of 73 must-try local dishes in Malaysia that will make your journey through the Malay Peninsula a delicious adventure. From the iconic Nasi Lemak to the mouthwatering Prawn Curry, get ready to savor the diverse tastes that define Malaysia.

1. Nasi Lemak - Fragrant rice cooked in coconut milk, served with anchovies, peanuts, cucumber, and sambal.

2. Roti Canai - Flaky flatbread usually served with dhal or curry.

3. Murtabak - Stuffed pancake usually filled with minced meat and spices.

4. Ayam Goreng - Fried chicken, often marinated in spices.

5. Satay - Grilled skewered meat served with peanut sauce.

6. Nasi Goreng - Fried rice usually served with various toppings such as chicken, prawns, or beef.

7. Nasi Ayam - Chicken rice, a popular Malay dish where steamed or roasted chicken is served with fragrant rice.

8. Mee Goreng - Fried noodles typically cooked with spices, vegetables, and meat.

9. Laksa - Spicy noodle soup with either a coconut milk or sour broth base.

10. Rendang - A flavorful and spicy meat dish cooked in coconut milk and spices until tender.

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11. Briyani - Fragrant rice dish cooked with spices and served with chicken, mutton, or beef.

12. Roti Bakar - Grilled bread served with kaya (coconut jam) and butter.

13. Keropok Lekor - Fish cracker made from fish and sago flour, usually served with chili sauce.

14. Kuih - Various types of traditional Malay cakes and desserts made from rice flour, coconut, and palm sugar.

15. Pecal - A salad dish consisting of mixed vegetables, tofu, tempeh, and boiled eggs, served with peanut sauce.

16. Mee Rebus - Noodles served with a thick and spicy gravy made from sweet potatoes, served with vegetables, tofu, and boiled egg.

17. Roti John - A Malaysian sandwich made with an omelette stuffed in a baguette-like bread, usually filled with minced meat and onions.

18. Soto - Spicy soup with meat (usually chicken or beef), vegetables, and rice cakes, served with sambal and lime.

19. Popiah - Fresh spring rolls filled with various ingredients such as vegetables, tofu, and shrimp, usually served with peanut sauce.

20. Nasi Kerabu - Blue-colored rice served with various herbs, vegetables, salted egg, and grilled fish or chicken.

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21. Apam Balik - Malaysian peanut pancake.

22. Lontong - Rice cakes served with vegetables, tofu, and a spicy coconut milk gravy.

23. Nasi Tomato - Fragrant rice cooked with tomatoes and spices, usually served with chicken or beef.

24. Serunding - Spicy meat floss usually made from chicken or beef, served with rice or as a snack.

25. Lemang - Glutinous rice cooked in bamboo tubes, usually served with rendang.

26. Keropok Udang - Prawn crackers made from a mixture of prawns and flour, deep-fried until crispy.

27. Sambal Udang - Prawns cooked in a spicy chili paste.

28. Kerabu Mangga - Spicy mango salad usually served with grilled fish or chicken.

29. Kari Ayam - Chicken curry, a popular Malaysian dish made with chicken cooked in a spicy curry sauce.

30. Kuih Dadar - Sweet coconut pancakes rolled with palm sugar.

31. Otak-Otak - Spicy fish cake grilled in banana leaves.

32. Kuih Lapis - Layered steamed cake made from rice flour and coconut milk.

33. Kerabu Taugeh - Bean sprout salad served with shredded chicken and a tangy dressing.

34. Ketupat - Rice cakes wrapped in woven palm leaves, usually served with rendang.

35. Sambal Belacan - Spicy chili paste made from shrimp paste, chili, and lime juice.

36. Ikan Bakar - Grilled fish usually marinated in a spicy sauce.

37. Tauhu Sumbat - Stuffed tofu with a mixture of vegetables and served with peanut sauce.

38. Tempe Goreng - Fried tempeh, a traditional Indonesian soy product.

39. Nasi Impit - Compressed rice cakes usually served with peanut sauce.

40. Tauhu Telur - Crispy fried tofu omelette served with bean sprouts and cucumber.

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41. Prawn Sambal - Stir-fried prawns cooked in a spicy chili paste.

42. Gulai Kawah - A type of Malay curry usually cooked with beef or lamb.

43. Sayur Lemak - Vegetables cooked in a creamy coconut milk sauce.

44. Kuih Koci - Sweet dumplings filled with coconut and palm sugar.

45. Sambal Tempe - Spicy stir-fried tempeh cooked with chili paste.

46. Kerabu Nangka - Young jackfruit salad usually served with shredded chicken.

47. Acar - Pickled vegetables usually served as a condiment.

48. Kuih Talam - Steamed rice cakes layered with pandan and coconut milk.

49. Sup Ayam - Chicken soup usually served with rice or noodles.

50. Roti Jala - Bland crepes usually served with curry.

51. Sambal Petai - Stir-fried stink beans cooked in a spicy chili paste.

52. Ayam Masak Merah - Chicken cooked in a spicy tomato-based sauce.

53. Kuih Cara - Sweet coconut pancakes cooked in a special mold.

54. Serawa Durian - Durian dessert cooked in coconut milk and palm sugar.

55. Udang Goreng Tepung - Deep-fried battered prawns.

56. Ayam Percik - Grilled chicken marinated in a spicy coconut milk sauce.

57. Tauhu Bakar - Grilled tofu served with peanut sauce.

58. Kerabu Pucuk Paku - Fern shoot salad usually served with shredded chicken and a tangy dressing.

59. Puding Raja - Malaysian coconut milk pudding usually served with palm sugar syrup.

60. Kuih Sago - Sago pearl dessert usually served with coconut milk.

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61. Sambal Goreng - Stir-fried vegetables cooked in a spicy chili paste.

62. Ayam Penyet - Smashed fried chicken usually served with sambal and cucumber.

63. Kuih Koci Pulut Hitam - Sweet black glutinous rice dumplings filled with coconut and palm sugar.

64. Pecal Lele - Fried catfish served with peanut sauce and vegetables.

65. Sambal Sotong - Stir-fried squid cooked in a spicy chili paste.

66. Kuih Bangkit - Coconut cookies made from tapioca flour and coconut milk.

67. Daging Masak Hitam - Beef cooked in a spicy black sauce.

68. Sambal Telur - Hard-boiled eggs cooked in a spicy chili paste.

69. Kuih Bingka - Baked tapioca cake with coconut milk.

70. Laksam - A type of rice noodle served with creamy coconut milk gravy and shredded chicken.

71. Kuih Seri Muka - Layered glutinous rice cake topped with coconut custard.

72. Puding Jagung - Corn pudding usually served with coconut milk.

73. Kari Udang - Prawn curry, a popular Malay dish made with prawns cooked in a spicy curry sauce.

Don't miss out on these culinary gems during your travels with Malaya Travel. Print this list and let it be your guide to the best bites across the Malay Peninsula. Our goal is to make your trip memorable, and what better way than through the incredible flavors of Malaysia? Happy eating, and see you soon on your Malaysian food odyssey!

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